We love Corey.

COS was one of 3 we interviewed for our wedding. My husband set up the calls. I have known Corey since high school and while I love hiring locals and friends, the fit still has to feel right. So my husband sets up a call. I truthfully had no idea which DJ it was going to be. We have our first call and I’m BLOWN away. The knowledge. The passion. The willingness to go with our wants and ideas. Our song choices were wild and entrance we wanted. Zero pushback or hesitation. Only to get off the phone and me ask my husband, “who was ..That’s who I want.”
He was perfect (for me). Only to find out afterwards it was COS. Corey is so on the money. He has so much passion. He plays the saxophone beautifully. He basically DJ’d for a big group of kids 90% of the time. It rained our wedding day and so many people didn’t show or even worse left early!! He did amazing. I applaud him for having little to work with. Have to say the whole place got up for Cupid’s Shuffle. That was so amazing to see and be a part of! He’s dressed to the nines. Constantly smiling. The final call to go over everything and to finalize, he had me 100% confident. I would hire Corey again in a heartbeat ..especially if he does kids bday parties! COS is worth E V E R Y single penny. Don’t think twice. Book them now!

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